Your Piece of the Puzzle

From flowers to DJs, bringing a wedding together is like a giant puzzle – a giant 3D puzzle that has to be designed from scratch.

Choosing the perfect wedding gowns can be its own little puzzle.  It needs to incorporate your style, as well as the type of wedding you’re having.  It needs to fit and flatter you, in the shade you want, at a budget you are comfortable with. 


Putting the pieces in place:  

Princess style ball gowns provide gorgeous drama - but that doesn't mean it suits you and your style.  Trumpet style gowns give amazing shape, but not all brides love that look.  Keep in mind all wedding gowns will be beautiful, but they won’t all be for you.

Your wedding day plans may also play into your decision – are you planning a sophisticated & formal event? Or perhaps a relaxed/bohemian day?  Maybe an evening ceremony on the beach?  The style of your dress will contribute to the style and feel of your day. 

Fit & Flatter
Different silhouettes will flatter different body types in various ways.  If you have concerns about certain areas, or you want to feature a certain area, incorporate that into your style choices.

99.9% of all wedding gowns will need alteration – the most common being in the bust and along the hem.  Proper alterations make a world of difference in the fit and look of your dress, so be sure to work with professionals. 

The B Word
Budget is often treated as a dirty word by Brides, but you should embrace it! Whatever your budget is, there is a wedding gown for you.   Before you begin shopping you should have a good idea of at least a range you are comfortable with.   

Its always best to be realistic.  The exact gown you saw featured on TV  or the internet may by way out of your price range, but chances are there is a gown with a similar silhouette and details that is in your price range. 


Big Thanks to the talented team of Party Professionals, The Bloom Box, Well dressed Cakes by Brett, About Face Make-up Application, Regis Hair Salon & Cynthia Korman for bringing our two make believe puzzles together.