Your Piece of the Puzzle

From flowers to DJs, bringing a wedding together is like a giant puzzle – a giant 3D puzzle that has to be designed from scratch. Choosing the perfect wedding gowns can be its own little puzzle.  It needs to incorporate your style, as well as the type of wedding you’re having.  It needs to fit and flatter you, in the shade you want, at a budget you are comfortable with. 

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The B word

“Ok great – you have 8 months until your outdoor wedding.  You’re looking for something ivory, with straps, preferably in a chiffon or organza.  I’m positive we can help you.

Do you have a budget?”

****Awkward pause****

“Why do you need to know that? I just want to try stuff on.”

I know how it sounds.  If I were to go anywhere and a salesperson asked me about budget , I might assume something was amiss.  Is the price of everything in the store going to go up as soon as I tell them my budget? Are they only going to show me merchandise that is at the top of my price range? Do they think I can’t afford to shop here?

When you’re shopping for a wedding gown, stylists will ask you questions to get a feel for your wedding, your venue, your style, and the type of gown you’re looking for – and the budget you have set for yourself is a big part of pointing you in the right direction.  Stylists can help find the very best gown for you, at a price you can afford. Rule of thumb states you shouldn't even try on a dress if you aren't comfortable with the price of it. 

Nothing spoils the fun of shopping more than falling in love with a dress that busts the budget.  

I have yet to be shocked by a Bride’s budget – high or low.  Wedding gowns come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.  There is, quite literally, something for everyone.

So, when a bridal stylist asks “Do you have a budget?”, please know we have no ulterior motive - we're just trying to make your walk down the aisle as budget friendly as you need it to be.