Secret Destination

It’s an old joke that people tell bartenders and hairdressers their secrets – bridal stylists need to be added to this list. By the time the Bride walks down the aisle, it’s common for us to help her keep all kinds of secrets. These can include everything from a slight (or major) budget change (increase), which bridesmaid is or might be expecting but can’t tell anyone yet, or that the bride didn’t include her mom until appointment #2 because she wanted to shop without opinions.

We had the extreme pleasure of keeping two different secrets for one very special couple this spring – one big, and one small. 

Melissa first came to the studio in January looking for her wedding gown. With a tropical beach destination in mind for the following year, she was laser focused and knew exactly what she wanted for her walk down the aisle to her fiancé, Wes. Within two hours she was using the word “love” about one of our in-studio dresses.

By early May, Melissa had called the studio with her big secret. A very private couple, she and Wes were certain they didn’t want to wait until January to be married. Instead, they were going to elope to New York City in July. They decided not to tell anyone at all – not even their family. It would be just the two of them, a marriage commissioner, and a horse-drawn carriage ride through central park. 

With some after-hour fittings and a few evasive answers to acquaintances, her incredibly romantic secret was safe with us.

Anyone that is a faithful Muse social media follower will remember the snippet we posted about Wes and the small secret. We met him about a week before their flight south when he popped into the studio prior to Melissa’s final dress fitting and purchased a bracelet she’d mentioned to him in passing. He knew the stress of keeping this secret was starting to get to her, and he asked us to surprise her with the gift and a note from him. When we gave Melissa the box she was surprised. When she read the note, she cried. And then we all cried.

Many thanks to the happy couple for including us in their beautiful secrets, and for ultimately letting us share their story.  


Neither Melissa nor Wes ever told us what the note said. And even if they did, we’d never tell…