The Groom(zilla) rises


Unrealistic -perfection-demanding, feelings-stomping, your-bridesmaid-dress-needs-to-be-an-exact-length, stress-out-the-bride, grooms.  Turns out men can be just as particular about their big day as women.  But to be fair, the zilla population I've encountered is only one small (concerning) fraction of the trend.

In general, grooms are becoming more and more involved in the planning process.  

Don’t misunderstand me - I am absolutely not passing judgement on any groom that wants to be an active participant in the wedding planning process. I actually love the idea.  However, these grooms need to be held to the same standard as any bride, and just like brides, they deserve to have zilla tacked on to their title if they choose to behave badly. 

Although some people find it taboo, it’s now far more common for fiancés to join in the Bride’s wedding dress shopping adventure - or attend other planning appointments toting a wedding binder full of their plans and ideas.  

Like I said, I think its great.  As somone who is currently planning a wedding (6 weeks to go!!), I know how consuming planning a wedding can be. Unless bringing it all together is your full time job, you're going to need help at some point. Family and friends are always willing to help out, but why shouldn't the extra set of hands belong to the groom? Its his day too. 

The craziest part is that no one I've talked to could put their finger on what is driving this trend of increased groom involvement. Perhaps the amount of TV coverage weddings and wedding reality shows receive? Maybe the influence of their mothers? Or we could be witnessing a new angle in the evolution of gender roles, as brides try to balance careers and families with planning and a wedding. Who knows?

Weddings can be stressful, but bride or groom, it’s not ok to lash out or make unreasonable demands on your wife/husband-to-be, family, in-laws, wedding party, guests, or vendors. Have you been in, or attended, a wedding where the groom was very involved in planning? Or simply took over all together? Where is this coming from?  Tell us about it on our Facebook page.