Veiled Power

True story:

Once upon a time, a bride-to-be (B2b) made an appointment to try on wedding gowns.  To share this exciting occasion, the B2b invited her sister, mother and father, as well as her future mother in law.  After an hour of trying on, modeling, discussing, and trying on again, the B2b excitedly decided on the dress she would wear down the aisle. 

“Yep, this is the one.   I LOVE this dress.”
“That’s great! Have you thought about what you want to do with your hair?”
“Well, I think I want a veil.”
“That will look amazing – to get started, why don’t you try this one on?”

With the veil in place, picture a waterfall effect – first the bride cries, then her dad cries.  Next her mom, followed by her sister, as well as both Muse staff, all proceed to cry.  The seven of us pass tissue around the room. Thus is the power of the veil. 

This instance isn’t the first time we’ve seen veils tip the emotional scales. 

What is it about the addition of a veil that makes happy women weep and grown men cry?

For the B2b, I think it’s about the “I’m-actually-really-for-sure-getting-married. Wow” factor.  Seeing yourself in the wedding gown you're going to wear with the finishing touch of a veil can be a very powerful moment.  For parents of the B2b, it’s basically the same – “My little girl is all grown up.”  Either way, veils seem to emphasize the reality and drama of the moment.

And although veils are often thought of as very traditional, they are also very current in bridal fashion.  From short and fluttery to long and dramatic, many designers recognize the power of the veil and are designing specific veils for specific gowns.    

We'll make sure we keep tissue handy.

Bridal Veil length 101

A bride-to-be that stopped by the studio this morning inspired this quick lesson in bridal veil length.  Although the specific length can vary, use this as a guideline while you decide on your veil preference.

"Do brides still wear veils?"

Absolutely.  All the time.  More often than not.  
Veils are generally worn in conjunction with ornate hair combs or blinged up bridal headbands - that way you can take the veil off at some point without losing your entire hair decor.