Roller Coaster

We’ve been on a crazy ride the last 10 days!

Last week we announced we’re hiring a new teammate (yay!), and this week we announced we’ll be moving downtown later this year (double yay!)

The down slide started Thursday evening. The retailer rumour mill had a murmur of problems at Alfred Angelo. By Friday morning, we learned the 80 year old company and bridal industry staple had officially filed for bankruptcy. By Friday night, the implications of this extended across continents.  It will not only affect a lot of wedding days, but many people’s livelihood. For Muse, although we still have our amazing stock gowns, we will no longer be able to order these exceptionally priced styles for our clients.

Through hustle and a bit of luck we have great news for some of our clients, and really hopeful news for everyone else. We’ve reached out to all of our effected clients, and we’ll be continuing to work the problem in the days to follow.

Everyone has been really supportive and understanding that we are all in this together. Early next week we’ll have bridesmaid dresses to offer clients, and our other regular bridal lines are business as usual.  We are grateful for all of these things.  Right now, there are hundreds of people spread throughout North America, Europe, and Asia that no longer have jobs, and they have all been in our thoughts the last few days.

Everything happens for a reason! Stay tuned for updates on the new designers and styles we'll have to offer. 

- Britt