Who are you anyway?

My name is Britt.  At 28 I decided to quit my full time salaried position in marketing because I needed a new professional challenge.   I found the professional challenge I was looking for, and a whole lot more.

Since graduating from University I’d had jobs in marketing, event planning, product development, and communications. The longest of those jobs was just over two years.  I had a bit of a pattern going – it (generally speaking) took me a year to learn the position, six months to get bored of it, and around another six months to find something new.  What I’d always really wanted was my own opportunity – my own space, my own entity, my own business.   When the chance to go into Bridal & Formal wear presented itself, I jumped in with both feet.   

And here I am.  Muse Bridal Studio.  You can read about the development of Muse and our philosophy and approach to bridal on the ‘About us’ and ‘Your Masterpiece’ pages.

This is by far the happiest industry I’ve ever been a part of.  You meet and interact with people at the some of the best times in their life.   Everyone (well almost everyone) is thrilled to be in the studio, shopping for an event, graduation, or wedding.

Welcome to Muse.