Our Favorite Things

During an appointment, it’s important that a bride try on the wedding gowns she is interested in – whatever style, fabric, or design that may be. 

As consultants, we never ever have our own agenda, and we do our best to make sure the bride’s priorities are put above anyone she may be shopping with. 

However, bride’s will often ask our opinion or for a suggestion of a gown that may interest them.  After chatting this over with the Muse staff, turns out we all have one dress we love above all others; one dress we think looks great on everyone, and every bride should try on.  What’s also interesting is that we are all over the place – older and newer designs, different designers, etc.

Given the time of year, I think it’s a great time to get to know the staff while we recap our “favorite things”. 

Patty – Bridal Stylist Extraordinaire 
Patty came to the studio with retail experience, but has truly found her niche in assisting brides as they shop for their big day.  There is no bridal challenge she cannot conquer.  Her favorite in-studio wedding gown is a gorgeous Sophia Tolli a-line organza gown.  “It’s just so romantic and sparkly.  There isn’t another dress like it any bridal collection, and it fits everyone so well.”

Janice – Seamstress & Garment Aficionado 
Janice has been with Muse Bridal Studio since… well, since before it was Muse Bridal Studio.  Her experience in alterations and the construction/deconstruction of wedding gowns make her knowledge invaluable.  Janice’s current favorite wedding gown is a vintage inspired Alfred Angelo lace and satin, fit and flare with a low back.  “I just love the way it drapes, and the simple elegance of the dress.” She may also have mentioned she might like to see one of her two daughters try it on.  Just in case.  

Sally – Creative Visionary 
Sally has worked in bridal just a little over a year now, but came to the industry with a background in fashion merchandising and window displays.  She is generally responsible for the fun and eye catching displays that are updated once a week in our windows.  A blessing to the rest of us, she is able to set a scene with mannequins and props.  Sally’s creative eye favours Snow White from the Disney Princess collection, with three dimensional flower details on the bodice.  “It has a soft gentle elegance, and just a touch of enchantment.”

Becky – the Natural Newbie
The most recent addition to our team, Becky works with us on a casual basis but definitely has bridal in her blood.  Being the stylish person she is, she has a keen eye for finding the right wedding gown to fit and flatter any bride.  Becky chose a Sophia Tolli mermaid style with lace applique and beading and a gorgeous low back as her favorite.  “Its very antique and vintage looking, but the silhouette makes it chic.”

Kirsten – Special Projects and Bridal Uber Model
Kirsten’s unique knowledge of wedding gowns comes from the fact that she’s worn way more of them than any of the rest of us as a model in the studio fashion show.  Besides being the perfect proportions to wear bridal off the rack, Kirsten is also a key member of the studio purchasing team, and the wedding/trade show development team.  Her favourite gown is a true classic by DaVinci, while being right on trend with its big ball gown skirt and satin bodice and with waist embellishments.  “I picture this dress on a beautiful summer day – you don’t need shoes, because you’re in the grass, looking up at the clouds roll through clear blue sky.”

Britt – Chief Executive Coordinator
People sometimes refer to me as the manager, but that’s really not what I do.  None of the team at Muse Bridal Studio needs to be managed.  I do, however, coordinate; making sure we all have what we need when we need it to do the best job we can do for every bride that walks through the door.  Much like Patty’s pick, my favorite is super unique; it would be so difficult to find anything to directly compare it to.  A super sculptured and sophisticated gown, this St. Patrick by Pronovias dress is feminine, but very urban.