Buying from the Bricks

In academia, retailers with a physical stores are referred to as a “Bricks & Mortar” location – for this Musing I’ll call them “Bricks”. I don’t think I’m generalizing when I say that the “Bricks” of the world are faced with a very similar situation when it comes to the consuming public: online shopping can potentially offer a wider selection, and can sometimes be a cheaper alternative.

The bridal and formal wear industry is no exception. 

But rather than focus on the occasionally bad (disappointing, evil, scary) stories of shopping for formal wear online, I’d like to focus on the consistently good (friendly, fun, simple) side of shopping with the Bricks – or more specifically Muse Bridal Studio.


100% Authentic, 100% of the time
When you buy a gown or formal wear from a reputable studio or salon, you know you’re getting the brand you’ve paid for, high quality fabrics in the exact colour you want, and an overall well-made garments. 

Service with a smile
Shopping with a Brick means you’re dealing with people – actual humans you’ve met, talked to, and can ask for help if something isn’t quite the way you wanted it.  And if it’s not the way you wanted, they’ll make it right.

See & Feel
The majority of brides want to look, touch, and feel a gown before making one of the most important purchases of their life.  Why not do that in a clean, peaceful, and comfortable environment?

Garment prep
Have you ever seen how formal wear is shipped? They take a gown that spans the width of a large kitchen table, and pack it in to a box that looks as though it was designed for a few packages of computer paper.  Although we all appreciate the efficiency this creates for shipping costs, it can be problematic for anyone that doesn’t have the equipment and space to give formal wear its “ready to wear” look. When gowns arrive they need to have crinolines straightened and ironed, layers steamed, and be hung to dry.  Depending on the gown, it might need more than one round of steaming and straightening.

Calculated savings
When comparing costs between Bricks and online, be sure to consider all costs: freight and shipping, duty, and taxes.  And if you aren’t equipped to get your gown to “ready to wear” status (see above), any studio or salon will charge you for steaming.

Fit to flatter
Not just anyone can properly and artfully alter wedding and formal wear.  You need to know that your investment is in good hands, and that you’re going to look just the way you want on your big day.  At Muse, we refer you to experienced seamstresses so that you can have everything altered on your schedule. 



Buying online is a personal choice - one many of us (me included) make for various reasons.  The key is to make sure you understand all the options and costs - and have realistic expecations - before you make your choice.