Bride Brain

Its happening.  I’m one week from my wedding – 7 days, 2 hours, 52 mins.  And bride-brain has officially set in.  

To my shame, I’m most certainly driving everyone around me insane, with my inability to talk or think about anything but our impending nuptials.  Even in my sleep, my brain is on a continuous loop of schedules and to-do lists. I called my fiancé at work yesterday with a seating chart crisis.  Or what I deemed to be a crisis.  It wasn't a crisis.  Ugh.  

The affliction that is bride-brain totally snuck up on me.  I always thought it wouldn't happen to me.  I was going to plan better, work harder, do better.  And I’ve had plenty of time to plan, sufficient help in that planning, and amazing wedding vendors.  But the sheer volume of logistical details combined with the number of people, time, and money it takes to bring a wedding together starts to be a bit of a pressure cooker when it gets down to the final hours- making otherwise rational people think and act irrationally. 

Its not all bad though.  I’m excited.  REALLY excited.  Hard-to-keep-it-all-in excited.  And I haven't been doing a good job of keeping it in.  Especially given my daily surroundings, I tell everyone I meet that

I'm getting married NEXT SATURDAY!!!!

As the next week progresses, hopefully my awareness of this infliction equals increased (or maintained) rationality.  And that rationality will help me stay out of bridezilla territory for another 7 days, 2 hours, 50 mins. Hopefully.