A Bride to remember

Looong time since my last blog post.  Glad to be back.

On our studio Facebook page we keep an ongoing album of photos that our past brides have sent us.  The most recent photos we have are from a bride that I will never ever forget.

We first met K in January of this year.  She happened to be in the studio during a Trunk Show, which I believe was meant to be.  These wedding dresses were only in the studio for a few days, but she found her gown.  However, she had recently moved up the date of her wedding and it was going to be tight timing to get the dress in time for her new date.  K decided she loved the gown and could deal with the tight timing.    

As we got closer to her wedding and timelines shortened, the planning process got stressful - but she never lost her cool.  

Her bottom line?

All that matters is marrying him.

She was truly a calm, cool, and collected inspiration. Her ability to stay focused on the big picture is something I wish for all of our brides. 


On her way to the ceremony K stopped by the studio, and I finished lacing up her wedding dress. She took a cleansing breath, and one last look in the mirror before she hugged me, thanked me for everything and ran out the door.