2nd Time's a Charm

I had different plans for this Musing, but I encountered a couple this week that gave me different inspiration.

I had the pleasure of meeting both the bride and groom after the bride arrived in the studio and found a gown she absolutely loved. Their upcoming wedding will be the “second go-around” for both of them, and they are both beyond thrilled to be engaged three months after having found one another. On a blind date.

They both shared similar thoughts with me – life is short, you never know what is around the next bend, why wait?

The excitement and dedication this couple clearly has for one another lead me to think about other brides I’ve seen that are giving marriage another try. Many of these women arrive unsure as to what they want, and unsure what is appropriate for a later-in-life wedding:

“I want to wear a coloured dress – is that allowed?” 
“Can I wear a full wedding gown? Or should it be something simpler?”
“I hated my first dress – my mother made me do it – this time I want something I LOVE.”
“Can I wear white? Or should I be wearing ivory or oyster?”

I tell every bride the same thing - it's about what makes YOU happy. If you want to wear an all-white ball gown with a 12 foot cathedral veil, go for it. If you want to wear a red cocktail dress and four inch stiletto heels, all the power to you!  Most of these brides opt for something in between, but from my perspective there are no rules. 

The key is to wear what makes you
engaged-after-three-months-from-a-blind-date happy.